Jet45 P1000 Simulation

Meticulously modeled after the iconic Primus 1000 system, Jet45 offers a complete simulation solution.  Compatible with all versions of P3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator.  All bezel controls can be interfaced to real hardware (buttons, encoders).


  • Captain and First Office (FO) PFD - Primary Flight Displays
    • HSI, Arc/Rose mode ND,
    • Flight Plan Display
    • All Autopilot Modes and Bugs
    • Flight Director
  • Captain and First Officer MFD - Multi-Function Displays
    • ALL Menus Simulated
    • TCAS Display
    • Flight Plan Display
    • EICAS Mode with WCA (warning caution advisory)
    • Electrical, Hydraulic, Flight Surface, and Fuel Displays
  • Dual RMU (Radio Module Units)
    • 12 slot memory for COM and NAV frequencies
    • TCAS Display Control
    • Backup ND Display


Jet45 Software Purchase

(Installation Requires Pre-Purchase)

Please submit payment via PayPal, and within 24 hours you will receive a link to download the software, a license, and instructions on installation.


Jet45 Demo Download

(Operable within 60 nautical miles of KICT airport)


Jet45 Hardware Interface Offset Listing