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UNS-1 FMS Simulation

Just like the real thing, this high fidelity UNS-1 FMS simulation is compatible with most small/medium Jet and turboprop aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3d.  For use with a hardware CDU (Cockpit Data Unit) keypad and LCD, or touchscreen monitor, or as a desktop trainer



  • Live flight plan creation and editing enroute
  • Holding Patterns (beta)
  • Fuel Entry
  • Performance analysis (beta)
  • Precision Approaches (RNAV, RNP)
  • ILS Approaches
  • VNAV (coming soon)
  • Updatable database via Navigraph
  • Nav database lookup
  • Dual FMS (coming soon)
  • Includes new MFD which displays FMS flight plans


FMS Software Download

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FMS Quick Setup Guide


FMS Database Tutorial